A critical match in the fight for the top 4 in the Premier League.
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A fantastic day in the Premier League. First, Arsenal won incredibly, which turned the match over twice. City then eliminated Forest in a game, but the match ended in a draw. And at the end of the day, the meeting between Newcastle and Liverpool was very eventful.

It is Newcastle that, by a margin, has the best defense this season in the Premier League. The team conceded only 13 goals in 22 rounds (Arsenal is in second place with 23 goals in 23 games). And here, in the first 17 minutes, Newcastle conceded twice at home. Both times the defenders did not play well. First, they allowed Nunes to go one on one with the goalkeeper and then Gakpo. Both forwards managed to handle the ball and shoot past the goalkeeper.

Then the goalkeeper has already nahual. Nick Pope came out of the penalty area and wanted to play in the fall with his head but missed the ball. And then he took the ball with his hands. Mechanical. As a result, by the 22nd minute, the hosts not only lost by two goals but also remained in the minority.
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Interestingly, Newcastle lost their main goalkeeper for the League Cup final with Manchester United (February 26). At the same time, the second goalkeeper Dubravka will also not participate in the last because he played in this tournament for Manchester United. Information immediately appeared on social networks that Loris Karius would play in the final match of the League Cup. But here, it needs to be made clear who is the team's third goalkeeper. It is possible that, after all, Gillespie, but one can only guess here. Both have yet to play for Newcastle this season.

The game calmed down in the second half, although Liverpool had to score more. Twice Klopp's team ran away to counterattack in the majority - three to two. First, from a chic position for impact, Robertson gave a bad pass. A couple of minutes later, Salah made a mistake with an access in the penalty area. Newcastle also had their chances (in the 82nd minute, Alison had to rescue the team), but no one could score after the break.

Here are a few facts in short:

  • Newcastle, playing in the minority, inflicted more shots on goal than Liverpool;
  • a month and a half later, van Dijk returned to the basis of Liverpool. He played the full 90 minutes;
  • Newcastle has only lost twice this season in the Premier League in 23 rounds. Both times to Liverpool;
  • Liverpool's gap in the Champions League zone (i.e. Newcastle) was reduced to six points. At the same time, Liverpool still has a match with Chelsea in reserve.