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Liverpool's head coach, Jurgen Klopp, shared his emotions after the match against Tottenham (2-1) in the seventh round of the English Premier League.

«I've never been so proud of our team as I am in this match. I've never seen a game like this with such unfair circumstances and crazy decisions. We scored an own goal, and it's hard to accept. But I'm still very proud of the team.

The first red card: Curtis Jones steps on the ball, and his foot slides further, making contact with the opponent's leg. It's not a dirty move. It looks different in slow motion. He was at full speed, stepping on the ball and sliding over it. Unlucky.

Then Diogo Jota – his first yellow card. There was no yellow card there. Then he received the second yellow card, and we defended with nine players, and that's tough. If you want to build a team, you need players with character. And today, I saw them. They fought. It was a memorable evening.

Regarding Matip's goal, it's a bit like fate; someone had to stick their foot out at that moment. Joel did an excellent job defending in this match, actually. He put his foot in, and the ball ended up in the net.

In life, there are things even worse. Such moments happen,» Jurgen Klopp said on BBC.

Published by Patrick Jane