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Kane, Ronaldo, or Mbappé – Who Will Score More Goals at EURO 2024?

Young Kylian or the veterans Harry and Cristiano – who will ride the wave of success?

There are different types of fans. The majority probably support teams. However, many also personally root for specific players. This article will be more interesting for the latter type. It will discuss the idols of millions who score goals in bunches.

How many goals will Harry Kane, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kylian Mbappé score at Euro 2024? Artificial intelligence considers them the leading contenders for the tournament's best player award. The national teams of these forwards are on the rise and are seen as some of the main favorites.

Kane can break more than just Bundesliga records

The Englishman had a fantastic season in terms of scoring. In 45 matches for Bayern Munich, he scored 44 goals. You can bet that Kane will score more than 3.5 goals at Euro 2024 with odds of 2.00 at betting shops.

Jude Bellingham will be a significant support for Harry, but one shouldn't expect too many goals and braces from the striker. England's group at Euro 2024 is far from the easiest. They will face Denmark, Serbia, and Slovenia, who have solid defenses, and it will be even harder to score in the playoffs.

Mbappé inspired by the move to Real Madrid

The French national team performs much more confidently in significant tournaments than England. They have a different mentality and more finely tuned internal processes. Therefore, Mbappé has more opportunities than Harry Kane. Didier Deschamps has helped him become the undisputed leader of the national team. Kylian has proven he deserves the captain's armband more than anyone else.

Mbappé is only 25 years old, yet he already ranks third among the top scorers for the French team. He recently became a Real Madrid player. Kylian looks to the future with great optimism. He is inspired and happy. At betting shops, you can bet that Mbappé will score more than Harry Kane at Euro 2024 with odds of 2.14.

You can also bet that Mbappé will score more than 0.5 hat-tricks at odds of 2.60. During the Euro 2024 qualification group stage, Kylian scored two goals twice in matches against the Netherlands. In the final round of the World Cup in Qatar, he scored two braces and one hat trick. He doesn't care about the level of the opponents he scores against.

Ronaldo to remember his best years

The most interesting has been saved for last. Cristiano Ronaldo is heading to a record sixth European Championship as a leader and a significant player for his team. Age has no power over the five-time Ballon d'Or winner. In 45 matches across all competitions this season, he scored 44 goals.

Ronaldo has developed a good relationship with Roberto Martinez. In the national team's last 11 matches, the famous Portuguese has scored 12 goals. With odds of 2.80, you can bet that Ronaldo will score more than 3.5 goals at Euro 2024.

Portugal has been drawn into a relatively easy group. They will face the less resourceful Czech Republic, Georgia, and Turkey. Ronaldo may score a hat-trick in one of these matches. You can bet on this event with odds of 5.50.

Throughout his career, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored the most hat-tricks – 66. The Portuguese team is excellent under Roberto Martinez. The national team's play is conveniently structured for the five-time Ballon d'Or winner. He needs to do what he does best – score goals and lead to victories.

How many goals will the idols of millions of fans score?

In our opinion, Mbappé could score much more than Ronaldo and Kane. Having scored eight goals, Kylian was the top scorer of the 2022 World Cup, and since then, he has only gained momentum. In his current mood, the French captain can surpass his previous achievement. You can bet that Mbappé will score at least two braces.

Kane will undoubtedly be the main threat to opponents' goals. Paired with Bellingham, they can conquer any heights. You can bet that Harry will score at least four goals at Euro 2024.

Many believe that in his last European Championship, Ronaldo will be unbeatable. It's hard to disagree with this. Portugal has the right group to set scoring records. Cristiano may even score a hat-trick. Regarding scoring, a bet on an individual total of over 3.5 goals seems perfect.

  • Bet 1: Kane will score more than 3.5 goals at Euro 2024 at odds of 2.00.
  • Bet 2: Mbappé will score more than 1.5 braces at odds of 2.60.
  • Bet 3: Ronaldo will score more than 3.5 goals at Euro 2024 at odds of 2.80.
  • Bet 4: Cristiano will score a hat-trick at odds of 5.50.

Published by Patrick Jane