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Aguero again visited the stream on the Twitch channel of Ibay Llanos.

First, the guys watched a selection of the best goals in Messi's career, and then the blogger forced Kun to evaluate their most spectacular destinations of Ronaldo. This idea of the Argentine could have been more impressive; he watched the video with little enthusiasm.

First, Aguero commented on Cristiano's goals, complimenting Messi:

"Well, Ronaldo's goals are always free kicks or sheer luck. And Messi
only scores a voice."

Kuhn then praised Real Madrid's other scorers:

"Raúl and Benzema have scored more spectacular goals for Madrid than

The opinion of the fans about the words Aguero was divided. Here's what fans are saying on social media:

"Lol, there is so much arrogance in Aguero. He believes that he became
a world champion in the winter.

"Well, Aguero is right; objectively speaking, Messi is much more
technical than Ronaldo. And Leo's goals are much more effective.

"Ronaldo's SIU alone is more legendary than Aguero's entire career."

"Guys, did you expect something different from Messi's best friend? I
would never say anything good about my friend's opponent; everything
is logical here.

"Aguero lives in a parallel universe. He acts like a crazy Messi fan.
Certainly not as a professional athlete."

"Ronaldo never touched the World Cup, but Aguero did. This is the

WATCH "MESSI vs CR7 con el KUN"