The Catalan coach is successful but expensive.
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Clubs that Pep Guardiola has coached have bought 78 players for him, spending a total of 2.05 billion euros, according to Transfermarkt. This is a record among coaches. Remember that Pep Guardiola has been in charge of Manchester City for eight seasons, previously coaching Bayern Munich for three seasons and Barcelona for four seasons.

Also in the top five of the ranking are Jose Mourinho (118 transfers totaling 1.86 billion euros), Carlo Ancelotti (95 transfers totaling 1.62 billion euros), Massimiliano Allegri (113 transfers totaling 1.4 billion euros), and Diego Simeone (82 transfers totaling 1.21 billion euros).

Interestingly, Pep Guardiola's eternal rival in the Premier League (their rivalry began in the Bundesliga), Jurgen Klopp, is only in tenth place. They bought him 85 players, spending 1.13 billion euros on them.

Published by Patrick Jane