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Is Daniele de Rossi the New TOP Manager? Roma has Transformed with the Arrival of the Legend

At first, Daniele de Rossi's appointment after Jose Mourinho's resignation seemed like a mere populist gesture, but under him, Roma has shone once again. In 10 matches under his guidance, the team scored 26 goals, lost only once (to Inter), and advanced to the Europa League round of 16, where they crushed Brighton 4-0 in the first leg.

How did he manage to do this?

Daniele took over during the winter transfer window, so several new vital players quickly bolstered Roma's squad. The club signed 18-year-old defender Dean Huijsen from Juventus, Angelino, known for his performances with RB Leipzig, as well as attacking midfielder and one of his generation's leading talents, Tommaso Baldanzi from Empoli. In return, Andrea Belotti and Marash Kumbulla were sent out.

With the new players, De Rossi radically reshaped Roma's game towards attacking. He switched from a back five to a back four, making the scheme much more versatile: Roma can play as a 4-3-2-1 or a radically attacking 4-3-3, and if necessary, they can revert to the factory settings with a back five in the late stages. The primary beneficiaries of the overhaul were Lorenzo Pellegrini and Paulo Dybala. The captain finally got to work with the ball and showcase his creative nature (resulting in 5 goals and 3 assists since De Rossi's arrival). At the same time, the Argentine no longer has a rigid attachment to an uncomfortable position. It plays as a number ten, starting closer to the right flank. Furthermore, Leonardo Spinazzola feels much more comfortable as a left full-back, and Leandro Paredes has proven to be a decent playmaking midfielder.

De Rossi arrived at the perfect moment - after a series of tough matches under Jose, they faced easier opponents. And Daniele won't be hated under any circumstances - due to his status as a living legend of the club and because of the dominant style that the capital has long missed. And suppose the Italian manages to lead Roma to the Champions League (or even win the Europa League). In that case, a long-term contract with broad powers can be considered a done deal.

Published by Patrick Jane