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Giuseppe Marotta, Inter's Sporting Director, shared his views on the competition that the Saudi Professional League has begun to impose on leading European championships.

"We need to properly assess the impact of this new scenario. At the moment, we need to gain competitiveness and the quality of our product: Saudis have taken essential players, not those finishing their careers. There's a significant risk that our football may become impoverished, hence the economic power in sustainability and television rights sales. We had financial gains because we received money that we reinvested. Still, we must counter the Arab market with transfer restrictions and measures to protect our technical heritage.

Football in Saudi Arabia has enormous wealth, allowing them to invest in infrastructure, sports rights, coaches, and a winning mentality. Competition should be fine with us, but there's a noticeable gap in purchasing power. We must find a way forward by developing management and entrepreneurial skills. If they invest money, we must invest knowledge," Giuseppe Marotta told Football Italia.

Published by Patrick Jane