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On July 4th, six supporters (including, presumably, the leader of a local fan group) stormed into a hotel room in São Paulo where midfielder Luan, from the Corinthians club, was staying with five friends and four women. They were engaging in group lovemaking there...

The issue arose because he had informed the team about a rib injury, which would require him to miss the training session. However, the fans discovered that he had gone to a luxury suite with a billiard table and a swimming pool instead of undergoing recovery procedures. They arrived at the hotel and caused a commotion. According to the police, six individuals broke into the room, dragged Luan out, and started beating him. They demanded that he leave the team.

"Get out of Corinthians! You need to respect the club, you coward!"

The club, in turn, intervened and stated that the atmosphere of hatred and violence prevailing in Brazilian football is unacceptable.