Manchester United legend David Beckham has opened up about the 'weird' ritual he has to do every night before bed despite his wife Victoria 'not appreciating' it.

Beckham opened up about his personal life to viewers in a Netflix docu-series reportedly worth £16m to the former England captain. It turned out that David likes to clean when all his family members are in bed.
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According to Beckham, one of his most exciting habits is keeping candles and candlesticks clean before bed.

"I clean them so well, but I'm not sure my wife appreciates it, to be honest," says Beckham.

"When everyone is in bed, I clean the candles, check if everything is clean, and turn off the light. I hate going downstairs in the morning and seeing cups and plates left over from the evening."

Beckham admitted that his candlestick cleaning ritual is a bit "weird," but he performs it after every use.

"I trim the candle wax and clean the glass. I know it's weird."

In 2006, Beckham said he was struggling with compulsive behavior, but it is unknown if he was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Victoria spoke about the degree of her husband's obsessive behavior using the example of a food storage device.

"He needs everything to fit perfectly," she said.

"If you open our refrigerator, the products will be laid out perfectly and symmetrically."

"We have three refrigerators - one for food, another for salads and drinks, in the third. In drinks, everything is symmetrical. David will throw one away if three cans are left because it must be an even number."