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The scandal surrounding Leo Messi continues to acquire new details. According to the latest information, the Argentinean warned the club that he would leave for Saudi Arabia for 2 days due to contractual obligations with the country (Leo is the Saudi Arabian tourism ambassador). And no, this did not mean that Leo was going to score on the team's schedule - the fact is that initially, PSG had weekends scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. This has already been reported by the Argentine newspaper Olé, but confirmation can be found elsewhere.

If you go to the PSG website and look at the club TV schedule, there are no training sessions on Monday or Tuesday in the program. But from Wednesday, daily classes already begin.
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The Argentine left Paris on Monday morning, thinking there would be no training that day. But when he arrived in Saudi Arabia, PSG suddenly decided to change everything and set training for Monday - Messi learned about this outside of France.

What else is worth noting: on the official PSG Twitter, the club's schedule for the week appeared only at 2 pm on May 2 - that is, on Tuesday, and not on Sunday and not even on Monday morning. And their "training on Monday" is already in place.
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Well, now the question is: why did the club need to substitute its star player?