Yes, he's serious about it.

You're probably well aware that Chelsea had a disastrous start to the season. Regardless of bad luck, injuries, or any other excuses, five points from six games is a catastrophe, especially considering the crazy and sometimes unjustified spending on transfers.

However, the head coach, Mauricio Pochettino, remains calm. No sharp outbursts in press conferences. He exudes confidence that everything will soon improve. In fact, it's nearly impossible to see him irritated or sensitive. He's completely zen.

Could it all be about lemons? After the defeat to Aston Villa, Mauricio was asked the most critical question – what about that citrus fruit everyone found out about a few years ago? It turns out that during his time at Tottenham, the coach kept lemons in his office, believing that they absorbed negative energy. He even replaced them when there was too much negativity. And here's what he said now.

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Chelsea's head coach, Mauricio Pochettino: «Give lemons time. This is what we all believe in. If you want good energy, you must implement everything you believe in. I believe in lemons, but at Tottenham, they started working after one or two years. They need a lot of time; they're not magical, but I believe in them more than ever. Today, I have yellow and green ones in my office – different types from Spain and Italy. I won't lie; there's a big box of lemons. I always thought yellow lemons work much better than green ones, but now I believe in any color – any color can help. It would be even better if I could get a blue lemon.»

Do you think this is nonsense? In fact, many people worldwide believe in lemons' power. The Athletic reports that Pochettino moved a large box of lemons to his new office from Tottenham's office. He became a believer in lemon power a few years ago on the advice of a friend. Citrus fruits have historically held various symbolic and spiritual meanings in cultures worldwide.

In the Jewish faith, it's a sacred fruit; in others, it's a symbol of warding off evil spirits. Citrus is attributed to healing and purifying properties. Some claim that lemons provoke inspiration, personal growth, prosperity, and luck.

So, why does Pochettino keep lemons in his office? It's pretty simple. Since many people visit him daily, he probably believes that all their negativity will be absorbed into the box. At Tottenham, he refreshed the lemons almost every ten days. Apparently, at Chelsea, he has to do it even more frequently.

Overall, Pochettino has long been a fan of studying human energy. So, don't be surprised by these kinds of rituals. In his book, he wrote that a person's point is sometimes more critical than physical tests. The coach is even convinced that he can read a person's aura. At Chelsea, they haven't reached that point yet. But for now, they don't plan on firing the coach. Perhaps he's not the only one who believes in the power of lemons.

Published by Patrick Jane