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There’s no doubt that soccer is the most famous sport globally. Events such as the World Cup, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, and others attract millions of viewers across the world, both virtually and physically. Despite soccer’s stardom, it is not the most preferred sport in Canada. Most Canadians tend to love lacrosse and hockey.

However, the love for soccer has grown unprecedentedly over the years in this region. It has now become the fastest-growing sport in The Great White North. Some Canadians even rate soccer second to hockey in terms of popularity. In this article, we explore the factors facilitating the growth and popularity of soccer in Canada. Read on for more details.

Soccer is an Incredible Game

The nature of soccer makes it affordable to every first-time viewer. It is the best team game in the world. Players have to work together to succeed in every match. Therefore, it cannot be a one-man’s show. The game is also very tactical and fast-paced. It demands exceptional skills from players. Professional and backyard football matches also offer captivating action, which is attractive for sports lovers.

The uncertainty of soccer matches also gives spectators more reasons to follow the game. It is only in a soccer match that a dominant team can suffer a humiliating defeat. There are stories of weaker teams winning matches at the last minute. So, you cannot write off any team until the final whistle is blown. The unpredictable nature of this sport makes it more exciting.

Soccer Wagering Enhanced Its Appeal

Most Canadians have been drawn into soccer through wagering. Betting on soccer is widespread across the world. This sport also comes with innumerable wagering options like placing bets on a specific match’s outcome, live matches, or regular season games. These and other options make soccer the sport of choice for bettors.

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The Success of the Canadian National Soccer Team

The 2022 FIFA World Cup hosted in Qatar also accelerated the popularity of soccer in Canada. The men’s team proved their worth by playing on the international stage. Since Canadians like impressive results, they have since been drawn to the national team. In 2018, the Canadian national team broke the record by filling the stadium with 54,798 spectators.

The remarkable performance of the Canadian National Team is also inspiring the upcoming generation of players. Right now, you can see younger players and fans of all ages wearing the National Team’s red and white jerseys. The love for this team is slowly turning Canadians into die-hard soccer fans.

The Emergence of the Canadian Premier League

The creation of the Canadian Premier League has also boosted soccer’s popularity in Canada. This league created a platform for soccer fans to watch professional matches. The teams participating in this league comprise some of the most talented soccer players in the world. Therefore, the competition in this league is quite stiff, giving fans a thrilling experience.

Teams in the Canadian Premier League are also making significant progress. This progress is continuously attracting new Canadian fans as well as giving the legendary fans a reason to keep on supporting their favorite teams.

Final Thoughts

Soccer has come a long way in Canada. Its entertaining gameplay, the emergence of the Canadian Premier League, and the National Team’s success have paved the way for football’s popularity in this country. Therefore, we can agree that soccer will continue to appeal to more Canadians, and this will further foster its growth in the region.