EURO 2024
How Much Will Federations & Clubs Earn at EURO 2024?

Georgia, Poland, and Ukraine became the last participants in the EURO 2024, which will be held in Germany this summer. These three national teams proved to be the strongest in their paths in the playoff matches, and now they will qualify for the main tournament of the year. Federations will earn millions and clubs hundreds of thousands. FootyRoom tells how UEFA will distribute the money for EURO 2024.

€331 Million for 24 Federations

In December 2023, UEFA approved the prizes for the teams participating in EURO 2024. Compared to the previous EURO, they have not changed — the union will allocate €331 million to federations. This is the largest prize fund for continental tournaments, 15 times larger than the total payouts in the Africa Cup of Nations.

Each national team that qualifies for EURO 2024 will earn €9.25 million just for participating. Victory in the group stage will cost €1 million, and a draw - €500,000. In the playoffs, the amount depends on the progress of each stage: for reaching the round of 16, €1.5 million will be paid; for the quarterfinals - €2.5 million; for the semifinals - €4 million, and for reaching the final - another €5 million. Winning EURO 2024 will bring federations an additional €3 million.

Thus, the maximum prize amount can be €28.25 million: to achieve this, the team must win the EURO and all three matches in the group stage. The minimum possible payout to the winner of EURO 2024 can be €26.25 million (if the team advances to the playoffs from third place and with two points in the group).

All these prizes will go to federations, which decide how to spend them - UEFA does not specify what to do with the money. Federations can share with clubs or invest in the country's football development. And if the prizes do not seem significant for wealthy countries, then for federations like Georgia or Albania, even €9.25 million will be an impressive sum.

The prize fund for federations has stayed the same compared to EURO 2020. To some extent, this is not the most pleasant indicator for UEFA, as the payments are generated by broadcasters and sponsors, and traditionally, with the growth of income from these contracts, the prize fund also increases. However, the union decided allocating more funds to clubs was better.

Clubs Will Also Earn from the National Team Tournament

UEFA and FIFA have mechanisms to reward federations and clubs — organizations pay teams for players' participation in their tournaments. This mechanism, called the "club payments program," is not related to ensuring players from injuries (for this, FIFA has a separate structure).

The solidarity program, created in cooperation with the European Club Association (ECA), rewards teams for nurturing players. At EURO 2024, teams, including those outside of Europe, will receive €140 million from UEFA, €10 million more than four years ago.

UEFA still needs to determine the amount that will be distributed among clubs. Still, the payout scheme remains unchanged from that of EURO 2020. It will work as follows:

  • each club will receive a certain amount from UEFA for each day a player is in the national team;
  • calculations start 10 days before the first national team match in the championship;
  • once the national team is eliminated from the tournament, the calculation of payments stops;
  • after that, all payments for each player are summed up, and UEFA transfers the money.

An important point: according to the ECA, payments are due to clubs for which the player was registered 10 days before the start of his team at EURO (relevant release period). For comparison, in FIFA's loyalty program at the 2022 World Cup, all clubs in which he was listed for the last two seasons received payments for one player.

Teams are divided into several FIFA categories (this is called FIFA training compensation categorization). The higher the club is, the more money it will receive for one day of its player at EURO. At EURO 2020, the following scheme was used:

  • category 1 clubs received 8.7 thousand euros for each day a player stayed at the tournament;
  • category 2 clubs - €5.8 thousand;
  • category 3 clubs - €2.9 thousand.

The clubs in each category are determined by the FIFA member associations.

Published by Patrick Jane