The transfer guru plays football at 2 a.m.

He showcased his skills in a video.

Summer is the most intense time for transfer news guru Fabrizio Romano.

The Italian has earned a reputation as the most reliable insider regarding football player transfers, so as soon as the transfer window opens, Romano works tirelessly. In an interview with Optus Sport, he admitted that during the summer and in January, he might only sleep 4-5 hours a day, and if something significant happens, like Messi's move to PSG, Fabrizio sacrifices even more of his sleep.

However, when no significant deals are on the horizon, the journalist allows himself some fun after a long day of work. Recently, Romano shared a video of himself playing barefoot football with his friends at 2 a.m.

After a long day filled with interviews and comments, what better way could a football news expert relax?