When it comes to the Malaysian online sports betting industry, sports bettors have a fantastic variety of sports betting sites to choose from. The best of these offer extensive sports coverage on all popular sports, including football, golf, tennis, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, and others. While many different sports are popular among Malaysians, the popularity of soccer is truly unmatched.

In fact, the vast majority of reports on the popularity of different sports in Malaysia suggest that around 90% of all sports bettors place wagers on soccer events and tournaments. This leads us to Malaysian odds. Familiarizing yourself with Malaysian odds is crucial, especially if you want to place real money wagers on international sites that are using American odds.

So, without further ado, let’s see how Malaysian odds work.

What are Malaysian Odds, and How do They Work?

When compared to otter odds types, Malaysian odds share the most similarities with Indonesian odds, but at the same these, these two are not the same. When it comes to sports betting sites that offer these odds, 22bet in Malaysia, reviewed by Ashraf Hamzah, is one of those sites.

Malaysian odds are also provided by many other reputable online sports betting venues that accept Malaysian sports bettors. To increase your understanding of how Malay odds work, we need to examine these types of odds featured at popular sports betting sites. If you are already familiar with Indonesian or American odds, then you will have no issues with understanding how this work.

First of all, Malay odds always use zero as the base. Essentially, positive numbers represent favorites, while negative numbers are features alongside underdogs. This is a straightforward system that instantly lets you know which teams are favorites and which are underdogs.

Malay Odds for Favorites

According to this report on the Malaysian online and land-based gambling industry, online sports betting in both legal and illegal forms is very popular in Malaysia. Fortunately, most legally operating sports betting sites in the country offer Malaysian odds, so you can easily pick apart favorites from underdogs using the system explained above. Now, let's focus on favorites.

Favorable Malaysian odds mean that you get one credit in winnings for every credit you wagered. You quickly spot these odds, thanks to a plus sign. Some sports betting sites also feature odds for favorites without any symbols, so keep in this mind. The bigger the number listed, the more you in profits in case of placing winning bets. The smaller the number featured, the less you get in earnings if your selection wins.

For instance, if you place a wager on a team listed with +0.1 odds, this means you can get 0.1 of a whole unit for every credit you wagered. Another example is if you wager $100 on a team listed with 0.5 odds, you get $50 in profits on top of your wager. Essentially, to find out how much you get if your selection wins, multiply your bet with the listed odds.

Malay Odds for Underdogs

This leads us to Malay odds for underdogs or unfavorable Malay odds. Essentially, negative Malay odds are the exact opposite of positive Malay odds. When you place a wager on a team listed with unfavorable odds, you are generally wagering on an unlikely event or an underdog team. Of course, winning bets listed with negative Malay odds results in bigger profits due to higher profits margins.

Most sports betting sites list negative Malay odds with a "-" symbol. For instance, if you place a bet on a team listed with -0.5 odds, a wager of one unit gets you a return of two units on top of your original stake.

Another example is if you wager $100 on a team that is listed alongside -0.5 Malay odds, you get $200 in profits on top of your stake if your selection wins. To find how much you can win when playing wagers on underdog teams, divide your original stake with the listed negative odds.


Converting Malay to Decimal Odds

If you are familiar with how Indonesian odds work, you should not have issues with converting Malay odds. In fact, converting Malay to decimal odds follows the same system as converting Indonesian to decimal odds. Essentially, to convert positive Malay to decimal odds, you first remove the first zero and replace it with one.

For instance, you want to wager on a team listed with 0.75 Malay odds. To convert to decimal odds, you remove the zero, add one, and you get 1.75. Converting negative Malay to decimal odds is equally simple, and you do not have to be a math expert. The first step is to remove the "-" symbol. The next step is to divide one by the listed Malay odds by one. Then, you add one to the number you just got.

For example, you want to wager on a team with -0.35 odds. If you imagine betting on this year’s World Cup favorites Brazil at decimal odds of 5.5 to Malay odds, you will get a number of -0.2222 in Malay odds. To convert to decimal odds, you remove the minus sign to get 0.35. Then, you divide one with the given odds. Once you do so, you get 2.85. The last step is to add one with 2.85. Here, you get 3.85, and you have just successfully converted negative Malay to decimal odds.

How to Calculate Profits?

We have already briefly touched on this, but here we go again. To calculate your profits on positive Malaysian odds, you multiply your original stake with the listed odds. To calculate your earnings on negative Malaysian odds, you first remove the "-" sign and then divide one by the listed number.