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The Brazilian's reaction to the loss of money has excited fans

Neymar continues to recover from injury. The Brazilian has undergone surgery on his ankle and will return to the field only next season. It's hard for PSG without him - the French club flew out of the Champions League from Bayern and lost to Rennes in the last match of Ligue 1. Neymar is doing relatively well: he streams, plays online casinos, and even laughs after significant losses.

Neymar lost €1 million at an online casino

Neymar has a great love for gambling. The Brazilian is a frequent participant in poker tournaments and the face of many events in this area. He became interested in gambling at the 2014 World Championship and took part in the World Series of Poker last year while on vacation. The PSG striker said that after the end of his playing career, he could travel and participate in such tournaments. When Neymar is injured and not playing, he tries to make time for his hobby. So, for example, in one of the last live broadcasts, the forward lost € 1 million in an online casino in less than two hours, which is approximately his weekly salary at PSG. Neymar leaked this amount in less than two hours.

Neymar's reaction is fantastic. At first, tears appeared in his eyes, but regret quickly grew into hysterical laughter. Users felt that the PSG star could manage the money much better.

@natiette: "It would be better if I paid taxes with this money!"

@zanittei: "It's funny that he could donate to some charitable organization but prefers to dodge taxes and waste billions. This man doesn't deserve the fame he has because he has no talent."

@PervertidoPlays: "As you can see, even after losing a sky-high amount, he remains in a good mood and with a smile on his face, teaching us that even in difficult times, we need to move forward."

@ngelaDomingos5: "I know it's not Neymar's fault, but it pisses me off. I'm a teacher struggling to make money, and I know I'll never get the same money from my job as this guy."

@LenzaDario: "Meanwhile, Messi is idolized in Argentina and worldwide."

@filipefogar23: "It would be better to pay the Brazilian Special Department of Federal Revenue."

@s4muraipk: "Do you guys think this money is from the office or those who make the ether? Neymar doesn't need this money; it's sponsorship money from the site itself."

@enkizin: "I'm pretty sure he didn't lose anything. This money should be a kind of showcase that various influencers get from the content creation platform and thus defraud other unsuspecting people. It's sad to see celebrities like Neymar and Felipe Neto making these posts."

@Luciano50609745: "I understand you, Ney; I have the same feeling when I lose my five reais [in rubles - 75] on bets."

By the way, after the first match with Bayern, in which Neymar played, he also devoted time to gambling. According to RMC Sport, the next day, the Brazilian took part in the European Poker Tour tournament in Paris. With the organizer of the tournament - PokerStars - Neymar has a contract. Thus, the striker ignored the request of Kylian Mbappe to comply with the regime. The poker tournament started at 22:30 local time, and after that, the Brazilian was spotted at McDonald's. PSG head coach Christophe Galtier did not disclose the conversation details with Neymar. Will he react to the impressive loss of his player?