"I also drink this "magic potion," but I don't score 50 goals." Guardiola advised little boys to copy Haaland's skills rather than his drink

Today, Manchester City is traveling to Madrid. One of Guardiola's main assets, who wasn't on the team last year, is Erling Haaland. The Norwegian scored 51 goals this season, including 12 in the Champions League. At the press conference before the first semifinal, Pep was asked about Haaland's secret.

"People say that Erling Haaland has milk or some potion he drinks. But I also drink this "magic potion" and don't score 50 goals," Guardiola said. "I would recommend little boys who want to emulate Haaland to try to imitate his skills rather than his drinks."

Weeks earlier, Haaland posted pictures on social media holding a milk bottle, calling it his "magic potion". This may have led some to believe this is the secret to the striker's success.
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