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Arthur no longer wanted to be on the team.

It's not every day in football that you see a team coach celebrating a goal scored by... a player from the opposite team. But that's precisely what happened this weekend. What else would you call midfielder Arthur's reaction to Josep Guardiola's emotional behavior? Manchester City beat Liverpool 4-1 on matchday 29 of the Premier League. In the 27th minute of the game, the broadcast director caught a fantastic shot.

Julian Alvarez made the score 1-1, answering his goal scored by Mohamed Salah. On the Manchester City bench, smiles shone from the players and coaches of the hosts. When the Argentine hit Alisson Becker's goal, Guardiola jumped up in delight, shaking his fists in the direction of his fans. At that moment, Liverpool players were passing near the Man City bench and Guardiola… I decided to celebrate with them.
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Pep first turned to Konstantinos Tsimikas, extending his hand, but the defender ignored the Man City manager. But Arthur shared the joy with Guardiola: he shook hands with the Catalan, smiled, and joked about something with him.

Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola: "I was happy and told
[Tsimikas] what a good goal we scored. I'm sorry you think so. Ask him
if I have respect, and ask Tsimikas. I celebrate a goal the way I
celebrate it with my son. If you think this is disrespectful, I have
nothing to say to you."

Liverpool fans did not like Arthur's behavior. Some are already sending the midfielder back to Turin to play for Juventus. By the way, the Brazilian, who has been on loan since September, has played only four matches for Liverpool this season. The wish of the Reds fans will come true soon.