Renowned expert Gary Neville commented on Cristiano Ronaldo's issues during his second stint at Manchester United.

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«I think he did very well in terms of goals. He has a character and a personality in which he does not accept second place. I criticised him because my opinion is that, when you are a leader in the locker room, and you are a leader in world football, there are different ways of teaching, different ways of mentoring, and different ways of coaching the younger players on the team who are not at your level.

I think Cristiano should have modified and adapted his leadership style at United to the players in the locker room who needed mentoring, training, and leveling up.

Cristiano got frustrated with them; he got angry with them, and that was visible sometimes during the games, and, in the end, it became a kind of confrontation. I have played with him; he has an incredible level and has worked as hard as any other player I have played with.

Everything you see in Cristiano is talent and hard work. He wants to win, he is desperate to win, he wants to score goals, and he wants to be the best player in the world, so I think it has been difficult for him, maybe because he has reached the end of his career in teams that did not have the level that he had seen before,» Gary Neville was quoted as saying by Marca.

Recall that in the summer of 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester United. However, in November 2022, he terminated his contract with the Red Devils by mutual agreement.

Published by Patrick Jane