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Former head coach of the English football club Hull City Leonid Slutsky believes that Chelsea overpaid for the transfer of Ukrainian midfielder Mykhaylo Mudryk.

"100 million euros for a player who has played several matches in the
Champions League - how is that? I don't understand these transfers.
Chelsea is not a team for the future but a team for the present. They
cannot buy players for the future. And a player in the future cannot
cost 100 million. It is simply impossible," Slutsky told the Comment.
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According to the Russian specialist, the club's new owners strive to show their effectiveness, but they need to gain experience building a team. For this reason, the club's transfer policy needs to be revised.

"Mudryk has amazing speed, and there's nothing to talk about. But for
me, for now, this is a player who runs very well. They paid 100
million because Arsenal was interested in him, but they took it
because he is a prominent figure," Slutsky noted.

Mykhaylo Mudryk signed a contract with the English club for eight and a half years. The transfer of the 22-year-old football player from Shakhtar cost Chelsea 70 million euros, with another 30 million euros provided as bonuses.