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Sean Dyche made a promising debut at Everton

The 20th round of the Premier League turned out to be difficult for top clubs. At first, the updated Chelsea could not win the derby with Fulham - 0:0. Now the leader has also lost, although it seemed that it was Arsenal that was the most stable team in this championship.

What is most surprising, Everton won quite a game. He was better in the first half, which ended goallessly, and in the second. The new coach managed to cheer up the team. In one match, Sean Dyche came in instead of Frank Lampard and pulled the team out of the relegation zone. Although at the end of the tour, Everton may well return there. Nevertheless, the victory over Arsenal is something special. Arteta's team lost only the second time this season in the Premier League on common goals - xG: 0.88 vs 1.89 (before that, they failed to Leeds).

Throughout the match, Arsenal lacked something. That White will be cut off, Trossard will break past, and Odegaard will not get on the corner - from under the Norwegian and score Tarkovsky. If courage was felt in most of the previous matches, now Arsenal didn't have it.

Taking the lead in the 60th minute, Everton played for time as best they could. He threw the ball away after fouls, and Pickford received a yellow card for putting the ball into play for a long time, but the most striking episode happened in the 95th minute. Mope provoked Zinchenko, and the result was a wall-to-wall mess. As a result, the Ukrainian was reassured not only by his own but also by the defender of Everton (compatriot) Mykolenko.
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It's funny that the match started with not the most pleasant banner for Everton. A plane flew over the Liverpool stadium in the seventh minute of the meeting. And a canvas was attached to it with the phrase "League's worst run club. Time to go, Bill. That is: "The worst managed club in the League. Time to go, Bill." Everton fans organize actions against the management every match. Bill is the co-owner of the club, Bill Kenwright. He again did not appear at the game, apparently again for security reasons.
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As for Arsenal, the team no longer seems to be the favorite for the league title. At least not as evident as it used to be. If the advantage of Arsenal was eight points earlier, now it is only five. Everyone is waiting for the full-time match with Manchester City, which will take place on February 15.