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The 39-year-old defender is in trouble.

It all started on January 1. The Spanish media forced the story of how Dani Alves was preparing for the New Year. The girl applied to the Catalan police with a statement and said that on December 30, in a nightclub, a Brazilian footballer harassed her. A couple of days later, Alves denied all accusations. But the investigation continued. According to Antena3, Alves could be arrested on January 20 as the alleged perpetrator of the violence. And the court will choose a measure of restraint for him during the investigation.

What happened in the nightclub: accusing the girl and explaining to Alves

On January 1, the ABC portal gave details of the testimony of the girl who turned to the police. According to her, Alves put his hand in her underwear at a private party in Catalonia. The girl told her friends about it, and they turned first to the guards, then to the police.

ABC sources specify that when the security received information about the incident, the girl and her friends were transferred to a safe place, and soon the police arrived at the club. However, the alleged perpetrator of the incident had already left the institution. On the same day, Alves' entourage denied the fact of harassment through ABC. They reported that the football player was at the club for a short time but did not pester anyone.

On January 5, Alves himself issued a statement. Here is his quote:

"Yes, I was in that place with other people and enjoyed it. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to dance. I danced and enjoyed myself without invading the personal space of other people. I don't know who this woman is. When you enter the restroom, there is no need to ask who is there.

I have never invaded anyone's personal space. How would I do it with a girl or a woman? No, Lord," he told Antena3.

Alves' wife is in solidarity with her husband. But this is of little concern to the consequence.

According to Antena3, on January 20, Alves will appear at the police station for questioning. After that, he can be arrested. And the court will choose a measure of restraint for him.

The publication reports that the investigation has video recordings of several girls approaching Alves' company. After that, the player and one of them go to the toilet. Further filming details are unknown.

His wife Joana Sans stood up for Dani. She stated that different girls constantly approached her husband, but he would never do such a thing.

Interestingly, due to the ongoing process, Alves cannot return to Mexico, where he has a contract with the Pumas club. The team plays with might and main matches of the local league, but without its main star. And now the general question is whether Alves can, in principle, return to football. After all, he is already 39.

On Friday, Dani Alves was detained by the Spanish police in Barcelona on charges of sexual harassment. The football player was taken to court in a police car. The referee will decide on the Brazilian player's future. Earlier, Alves testified at the police station. The Spanish prosecutor's office demands that the ex-defender of Barcelona be sent into custody without the right to make bail.