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It just doesn't fit in head.

Cristiano Ronaldo played poker against the Al Wahda club in the Saudi Arabian championship. Many people wondered what kind of goalkeeper received 4 balls from the legendary Portuguese.

Meet Abdulkuddus Atiyya. Insanely colorful young man.

It turned out that in terms of status, this is only the third goalkeeper of Al-Wahda. The guy is already 25 years old, but according to Transfermarkt, this was only his seventh match at a professional level.

The seventh match, and immediately against Ronaldo.

Abdulkuddus began to play this season only after a pause for the World Cup, and then not immediately. With him at the gate, the team won 1 match and lost 3 with an absolute difference of 0:8. Half of these goals were scored by Cristiano.
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And one more detail - on the same Transfermarkt, the cost of the Saudi goalkeeper is estimated at 75 thousand euros. Ronaldo is now worth 20 million euros.