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Fans Got into a Fight with Fenerbahçe Football Players. Turmoil in the Turkish Super League

The supporters didn't like the players' emotions.

In the Turkish Super League, there is a tough race for first place. Fenerbahçe is trailing Galatasaray by two points. However, the 30th round of the Super League was remembered for something else — clashes between fans and footballers right on the field.

The match at Trabzonspor turned out to be dramatic: Fenerbahçe led by two goals thanks to Fred's brace (former Manchester United midfielder), but in the second half, Trabzonspor equalized. Yet, Fenerbahçe striker Batshuayi (former Chelsea player) scored the winning goal in the 87th minute.

Immediately after the game, Fenerbahçe players gathered in the center circle to celebrate the critical three points by jumping, including demonstratively turning towards the stands. At that moment, local fans wearing masks rushed onto the field aggressively toward the players.

Fenerbahçe players retaliated against him. Defender Bright Osayi-Samuel made a special effort, apparently not as tired after 90 minutes of play. He tackled the hooligan and a staff member, trying to separate them. By this time, fans from all four stands had already rushed onto the field. In this situation, Fenerbahçe players hastily ran to the dressing room. At the same time, stewards on the field attempted (not very successfully) to restrain the local fans. As a result, there was a crush near the tunnel leading to the dressing room. Hundreds of fans tried to reach the players.

Apparently, none of the Fenerbahçe players suffered severe injuries, although in the dressing room, some posed with blood-stained shirts, such as forward Serdar Dursun.
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Published by Patrick Jane