This proves the statistics

Barcelona is often accused of referees helping Xavi's team. The Negreira case only adds fuel to the fire. Blaugrana fans have decided to calculate who has benefited more from refereeing decisions this season in La Liga - Barça or Madrid? Statistics on the side of the Catalans.

According to Transfermarkt, in this season of the championship of Spain, ten penalties were awarded to Real Madrid, seven of which Ancelotti's players converted. In favor of "Barcelona" appointed only two penalty kicks; the Catalans did not convert both penalties.

The situation is similar with red cards. The Blaugrana have been sent off six times this season in La Liga, with only one player receiving a red card.
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At the same time, Barcelona settled on the first line of the La Liga standings, the Blaugrana ahead of Madrid by 12 points.

Barcelona fans on social media are praising Xavi for such success in the national championship:

"The whole world is up against Xavi; the media are destroying him,
many fans criticize him, and the referees mistreat his team, but his
Barcelona is in first place with a 12-point advantage. And Ancelotti
has no such problems in Madrid, but his team is well behind Barca.
Draw your conclusions."

"If not for the injury, Barcelona would have done well in European
competition. But Real Madrid fans cannot be convinced; they are still
sure that it is their team that the referees are destroying.

"It's impossible to argue with numbers. Barça's success cannot be
attributed to the help of the referees."

"Pressure from Tebas and La Liga, the denial of registration of Gavi,
the damn Negreira affair, injuries to key players. And Barça is still
in first place in the championship. Xavi is doing an amazing job."

"This team has been hit with many problems; our players are unfairly
treated. But they continue to win, albeit with a minimum score; this
does not matter. Javi is doing amazing. I can imagine how hard it is
for him."