You've probably heard about Jurgen Klopp's clever response, mimicking the gesture of a rival coach from Newcastle. Well, it's actually a fake. An ordinary graphic designer photoshopped that gesture onto Klopp to prank everyone!

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Reasons for the Conflict

Starting this season in the Premier League, there's a new rule – only one coach is allowed in the technical area. Assistant Eddie Howe's Jason Tindall constantly violates this rule.

Opponent's Discontent

Klopp made fun of Tindall for this before the match. During the game, Jurgen asked Jason to sit down, but Jason responded by asking him to calm down.

A Strong Gesture

With the score 1-0 in favor of Newcastle, Tindall made a gesture urging Klopp to cool off. The moment was captured in a photo and quickly spread across the internet.

Spread of the Fake

In the 90+3rd minute, Liverpool snatched victory with a 2-1 score, and a photo of Klopp with a similar gesture emerged online. The collage of the two pictures instantly became wildly popular. It was shared by Škrtel, Carragher, The Daily Telegraph, and many other media outlets but not by FootyRoom.

A Playful Joke

It turns out that the Klopp photo was a fake. A designer photoshopped the gesture onto Jurgen's hand and posted it on Twitter. They even left an Easter egg – their username on the man's shirt behind the coach. But no one noticed this detail.