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An exclusive Ferrari in exchange for the club extending his contract with him. The deal failed.

Joe Cole, who played under José Mourinho at Chelsea, recently shared a funny story about working with the Portuguese manager.

Jose wanted to buy his Ferrari from the Englishman, but the player set a cunning condition - Mourinho had to persuade the club to extend his contract with him.

Here is what Cole himself had to say about this story:

"At that time, I mainly invested in real estate. Only once in my career have I bought a luxury car. It was a Ferrari Scaglietti. I convinced myself I should have it, but it did not make me happier. When José saw this car in the Chelsea parking lot, he offered to buy it from me."

"I told him I would be happy to do it because he persuaded the club management to give me a new contract. Unfortunately, we never reached an agreement. It was the most extravagant purchase I have ever made."