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Arjen Robben has been hesitant to quit his football career for a long time, but now that he has, he certainly has no plans to give up the sport. The Dutchman recently ran the marathon in Rotterdam, and previously took part in an 8 km swim.

Robben's example is not the only one. Dirk Kuyt decided to make his boxing debut in the Hit It tournament, organized by kickboxer Rico Verhoeven. Kuyt's opponent has not yet been decided, but the former footballer is serious. Boxing is also popular with Manchester United legends, including Roy Keane, Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, and Patrice Evra. The latter two were seriously considering continuing their careers in professional boxing. You can bet on great boxing odds at bookmaker companies from bookmaker-ratings.in.

Petr Cech dreamt of a hockey career as a child. But his father chose football to spend less on equipment. Years later, Cech decided to make his childhood dream come true and
signed a deal with hockey club Guildford Phoenix, which plays in the fourth league of Great Britain. Naturally, Petr took place in goal. In August 2021 Cech extended his contract with the club. In his first season he played six games and reflected 93.4% of shots. Clearly, practice with NHL legend Jaromir Jagr has
helped. But most goaltenders choose to pursue a different career path and go into motor sports. Santiago Cañizares, Jerzy Dudek and Fabien Barthez opted for it. Moreover, Barthez even won the French championship and placed 23rd in the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. Dudek revealed that he has always had a passion for motor racing, but had limited himself when it came to football due to the risk of injury. Another goalkeeper, Tim Wiese, decided to become a professional wrestler. In 2015, he gained weight to 129kg, saying he was aiming for the 140kg mark. A year later, he made his WWE promotion debut with a win.