Nice gesture.

Today, Manchester United is playing Brighton, and Paul Ince, the former Reading manager, is working as an expert on this match.

The Red Devils met with his team at the end of January in the FA Cup - the Mancunians won 3:1. However, it was not the score that caused frustration for the head coach of the Championship team, but disrespect from the Manchester United staff.

In an interview, Ince complained:

"I immediately went to meet with Sir Alex because, after the match, I received a message from him: "Get up, let's see you." So, my wife and son Tom went to the VIP box and spent an hour with him. I was disappointed that no one from the Manchester United staff invited me for a glass of wine. I wouldn't say I liked it; it lacks respect.

Whatever it is, win, lose, or draw, you must offer a drink. Whether it's wine or tea, it doesn't matter. None of their staff did this, so it disappointed me. I wouldn't give a damn, but as a coach, whether you're beaten or not, I say, "Come in for a glass of wine."

A few months passed, and now Erik ten Hag and Paul Ince met again on the same field, albeit in a slightly different capacity.

The Dutch coach decided to rectify the situation by demonstrating that the words of his colleague did not escape him. Before the match, ten Hag approached the assembled pundits and handed Ince a bottle of wine, saying, "I owe you."

Ince immediately blossomed at this gesture from ten Hag and gladly accepted the bottle, offering to drink it together after the Cup final, where Manchester United will play City.