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During the Liverpool Derby, an Everton Fan Visits the Liverpool Fan Zone. This is a Very Touching Story

Last October, a photo of a man wearing an Everton hat and scarf in the Liverpool fan section went viral online. He had been attending Merseyside derbies in this manner for a long time.

The man's name is Steve Kelly, and he has been an Everton supporter since childhood. However, fate has it that his brother, Mike, was a Liverpool fan. Or rather, he was. Mike tragically passed away in 1989 at the age of 34, and since then, Steve has been going to the derby in the Reds' fan section as a tribute to his brother.

As you may have guessed from the year of his brother's death and their club allegiances, Mike lost his life on that fateful day – April 15 – at Hillsborough Stadium. Steve traveled to Sheffield for identification, where he was questioned by the police. He thought it was just a formality. But in reality, his answers were manipulated to create an impression that Liverpool fans were drunk and had provoked the tragedy themselves:

"Did Mike like to drink? Yes. Did Mike go to the pub before the match? Yes. These were their questions. I didn't realize I was helping them defend their version of events."

Years later, Mike's and Steve's sister fought for justice for the tragedy's victims. When she passed away, Steve continued her work. Yet, in the story, fans are still portrayed as guilty.

Published by Patrick Jane