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Somewhere, one Mason Mount rejoiced.

After the controversial sacking of Graham Potter, Chelsea had several options. Insiders reported that Julian Nagelsmann, fired from Bayern the other day, is the favorite for the vacant position. At the same time, Luis Enrique flew to London (apparently, for negotiations). However, the club's management chose a temporary solution. Chelsea announced the appointment of Frank Lampard before the end of the season. That is for two months.

Frank's first words after returning to Chelsea:

"When I was asked to return, I did it with the belief that I could
help the team before the end of the season. It's cool. I am happy and
grateful for the opportunity! I want to do my job as best as possible
so that it helps the club. I want to do everything in my power until
the end of the season. And what happens next - we'll see."

It may seem disrespectful to the club legend, but the unemployed Lampard did not refuse. Yes, Chelsea openly says that they are looking for a coach who will be appointed in the summer. But this does not mean that if Lampard succeeds, for example, in the Champions League, he cannot be left. Another thing is that you should not mainly count on matches with Real Madrid, especially when Benzema does hat-trick after hat-trick.

And in general, the Lampard coach has yet to earn himself such a status that other clubs fought for him. His work at Everton has been as underwhelming as the team's other managers of late. It turns out that Lampard was called to Chelsea when the club was having a difficult period, but for the coach himself, it was not the most accessible moment in his career, but here is a chance to remind himself. Hardly any other top club in the world would call him now.

Fans may be wondering: why swap Potter for Lampard? The club has yet to take a stronger coach. Although Frank's work at Chelsea was alright. Under the conditions of the transfer ban, the team jumped into the top 4 under him at the end of the 2019/2020 season. It's funny that the next season with Lampard happened about the same as now with Potter. Both were unable to cope with incorporating newcomers into the team. Werner received the most hate then, who constantly smeared from lethal positions.

If you take Lampard's last match in the Premier League (January 19, 2021, against Leicester), then there were at the base about the same players that the club owns. The exception is Rudiger with Abraham (well, Hudson-Odoi is now on loan but belongs to Chelsea). Only now, many of those players are now far from optimal form.

This is especially true of Mount, who was diligently played by Lampard, forgiving his mistakes. And the midfielder is most happy with this appointment, albeit for two months (most likely). In the summer, Chelsea is waiting for a sale, and first of all, it will affect the players of the attack group, with whom the team has too much.

Likely, Nagelsman will already be engaged in summer recruitment. It was reported that after the unexpected dismissal from Bayern, the coach wants to rest until the end of the season. That may be why Chelsea went to the appointment of Lampard, who will soon be removed, although the situation could be more precise. PSG is also negotiating with Nagelsmann.