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Boxing Gloves Instead of Football. The English Legend is Changing Professions

Wayne Rooney intends to change his profession. In recent years, the 38-year-old Liverpool native has repeatedly tried himself in the coaching field. His resume includes Derby County, DC United, and Birmingham. But the coaching career of the former footballer clearly did not take off. From his last job, Rooney was fired on January 2nd. In just a few months, Birmingham, under his leadership, dropped from sixth to 20th place in the Championship. It lost its chance to enter the Premier League.

Even as a player, Rooney, who fans nicknamed Shrek, repeatedly got into scuffles with opponents on the football field. But this did not prevent him from demonstrating top-level football. Rooney is a five-time English champion with Manchester United. In total, he won 16 trophies with the Red Devils. Until recently, Wayne was the top scorer for the England national team (153 goals) until he was displaced by Harry Kane. It is no secret that Rooney is a big fan of boxing, martial arts, and fistfights.

According to British press reports, Rooney is negotiating with Misfits Boxing and may soon have his first boxing match. Even the name of his likely opponent is mentioned. Logan Paul, an American boxer and blogger, is mentioned. It is worth noting that the promotional company Misfits specializes in pop boxing, which means that Rooney's entry into the professional ring has yet to happen. Fans are waiting for another grand show with a bright sign.

A couple of years ago, Patrice Evra, a former teammate of Rooney at Manchester United, participated in a boxing show. Generally, footballers switching to combat sports are not so rare. Among others, the former goalkeeper of the German national team, Tim Wiese, is worth noting. After finishing his football career, the World and European Championships bronze medalist became a wrestler; he fought in the most famous promotion - WWE.

It is not excluded that the next stage of Rooney's career will be cinema. After all, many footballers finishing their careers appeared in feature films: Eric Cantona ("Love in the Meadows," "Elizabeth"), David Beckham ("King Arthur's Sword"), Zinedine Zidane ("Asterix at the Olympic Games"), and Djibril Cisse ("Taxi 4"). And this is only a tiny part of the examples when famous footballers became actors. If things don't work out in the ring, we are waiting for Shrek on the set.

Published by Patrick Jane