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Big Football Stars Who Are Big Fans Of Casinos

Football players are known to be professional gamblers as well. Many of them spend millions upon millions of dollars at local casinos. However, there are some who not only spend their money but also double them. You might be surprised to learn that your favorite stars are gamblers. We would say more than half of famous football players spend their time at casinos. So let’s explore why they pursue gambling and why some of the biggest football stars enjoy an occasional casino trip.

How Do Players Choose Their Favorite Casinos and Why

Many people wonder why these millionaires even reach for online casinos. We should answer this shortly. However, a more important question is how they choose the best casinos. Remember, they are well known football players, they can afford to do pretty much anything, and they choose to become casino players.

The main reason for their choices is anonymity. Even though such players as Cristiano Ronaldo are public about their love towards gambling, many have online casinos ideals and online payment options. Their pay n play casinos ideal is a venue that is thoroughly encrypted to protect their information. That is why a lot of players reach for iDeal casinos or other online payment options. Those have proven to be reliable and secure enough to indulge in casino football using iDeal. Besides, utilizing third-party electronic wallets is better than flashing your debit card everywhere.

Why Players Make Great Gamblers

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There are a lot of reasons why football players might gamble. First and foremost, they are always craving adrenaline. Any player casino knows that it’s all about that rush. Besides, they have money to spend, enough not to worry about losing them. Finally, a lot of well-known football players are also great psychologists. They read their opponents at a poker table the same way they read other players on the field.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Without further ado, our first famous football player who enjoys occasional gambling is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is known to spend fortunes at the slot machine sections at your local casinos. Apart from slot machines, he enjoys an occasional game of blackjack and even roulette. Cristiano Ronaldo spoke about his love for gambling several times, highlighting how important it is to showcase restraint and understand when to quit.

Neymar JR

The next player on our list is Neymar Junior. This Brazilian soccer player might not be the biggest fan of slot machines, but he cannot say no to poker. Neymar gets millions from sponsorships with such brands as Nike and Panasonic and his feature on the cover of Pro Evolution Soccer video games. Plus, he spoke several times about his love for poker in interviews. He also highlighted that he, among many other professional football players, can afford it.

Wayne Rooney

Finally, Wayne Rooney is also not against occasional friendly gambling. Two years ago, D.C. United announced Wayne Rooney as their club’s new Head Coach. Therefore, though he might have paused his active football career, he still gets enough money to be seen in a good majority of Las Vegas and international casinos. He is the only one on our list, however, who actively spoke up about gambling being his number one addiction. He’s been seen in casinos on and off since.

Final Thoughts

Overall, being famous and playing football are two things that seem to go hand-in-hand with becoming a casino player. A lot of well-known football players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Junior are seen in land-based casinos worldwide. However, they also reach for online options since they are more anonymous. But, remember, they have millions to spend, so they can afford to be a little bit reckless every once in a while.

Published by Patrick Jane