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Unique motivation.

Monza, owned by Silvio Berlusconi, beat Juventus 2-0. Raffaele Palladino's team scored both goals in the first half by Patrick Churria and Dani Mota.

This result has a funny background.

December 14, 2022: Berlusconi promises a "bus full of whores" if Monza beats a strong team

The President of Monza gave an interview in mid-December, in which he presented an original way of motivation: "We gave a chance to a new coach [Raffaele Palladino], who was in our youth team. He is good, intelligent, kind, and able to motivate our guys.

I added some extra motivation, so I told the guys that if they beat one of the big teams like Milan or Juventus, I would ask them to be met by a bus full of whores."

Since then, Monza has not lost, although there were bitter rivals: 1:1 against Fiorentina, 2:2 with Inter, 3:2 with Cremonese, and 1:1 with Sassuolo.

And now Juventus.

January 29, 2023: Monza defeats Juventus 2-0

Thanks to the victory over Juventus, Monza bypassed Turin in the table and moved them to 12th place (25 points against 23, but Juve has a match in hand). This, of course, does not reflect the level of strength - we must not forget that Juventus were left without 15 points due to financial fraud.

"I don't think we've ever played that bad in the first half, and we should think about it. Things went better after the break, but we have to accept responsibility for the game as a whole," said Max Allegri after the game.

This is already the second victory of Monza over Juventus in a season; in the first round (September 18), the newcomer of Serie A won 1:0. Amazing achievement: Monza became the first Serie A rookie team since 1930 to beat Juventus twice in their first two matches.

Things could be better for Juventus: after a good series in the league, they lost those same 15 points, so they also lost three matches without victories. Moreover, Juve had previously played 8 matches to zero, and now they have launched as many as 10 goals in these three matches - 1:5 against Napoli, 3:3 against Atalanta, and now 0:2 against Monza.

Now we are waiting for Berlusconi to meet Monza at home. Monza's social networks achieved the result by posting a photo of a bus.