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Barcelona & Brazilian National Team Legend Sentenced for Rape

Former Brazilian national team footballer Dani Alves has been given a harsh sentence in a rape case. As the La Vanguardia portal reports, the former defender of top clubs such as Barcelona, Juventus, and Paris Saint-Germain will spend the next 4.5 years behind bars.

What Happened?

In early 2023, an unknown woman filed a police report against Alves, accusing him of "violent acts of a sexual nature," as well as rape and assault. All this happened on New Year's Eve in the VIP toilet of one of Barcelona's nightclubs. The victim underwent a forensic examination and handed over the dress she was wearing that evening to the police - according to her, Alves locked her in and raped her after hitting her. The media added to the picture: in addition to physical and sexual violence, the Brazilian forced the stranger into oral sex.

The victim waived her right to compensation and insisted on the punishment of the Spanish, Italian, and French champion, three-time winner of the Champions League, and holder of two UEFA Cups. As a result, the Barcelona court on January 20 ruled to detain the two-time Copa America and Confederations Cup winner.

How Did Alves Spend This Year?

  • He constantly changed his testimony, complicating the work of his lawyers;
  • Time after time, he was refused release on bail;
  • He allegedly planned to escape if temporarily released;
  • He learned that his initially supportive wife had filed for divorce;
  • He was subjected to aggressive actions by other prisoners… And even played football.

And last summer, Alves ceased to be called the most decorated footballer in history. After all, the record holder became the leader of "Inter Miami" and the national team of Argentina Lionel Messi.

What Was the Meeting Remembered For?

The trial took place from February 5 to 7. Alves denied the charges, pointing out that the sexual intercourse with the victim was consensual and without violence. The athlete, unable to hold back tears during the hearing, also said that he was drunk during the incident - that evening, he drank two bottles of wine and a glass of whiskey. This was confirmed by a witness in the case. It is noted that the Barcelona prosecutor's office requested nine years of imprisonment, given the 12 maximum for this article - in the end, Dani Alves "received" twice as much.

Published by Patrick Jane