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Former Arsenal midfielder Andrey Arshavin assessed the prospects of Dynamo Moscow midfielder Arsen Zakharyan in the event of his possible transfer to Chelsea and expressed confidence that one of the current Russian football players could play in London Arsenal.

«I believe that Zakharyan’s situation with Chelsea was actual, but it’s not so simple there. I admit that the transfer is possible in winter. Will he play there? Why not? Nothing terrible will happen - they will rent it out if anything.

Some of the Russians now would play in the current London Arsenal, and you just have to think. Who knows who exactly, but someone would succeed! They are strong now, by the way», ”RB Sport" quotes Arshavin as saying.

Recall that Arshavin played for Arsenal from 2009 to 2012. Now only two Russian players play in the top 5 leagues in Europe: Alexander Golovin plays for Monaco in the French championship, and Alexei Miranchuk defends the colors of the Italian Torino.