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Possibly the best game of the Premier League season.

Arsenal and Liverpool played a great match with many dangerous moments. And a few more times, it was close to a fight between the players, but it did without it and even without deletions.

The game started with a goal from Arsenal. Martinelli appeared in the center of attack more often than Jesus at the beginning of the match, and in one of the episodes, he did exactly what he does best - dragged the ball on dribbling through opponents. This usually happens on the flank, but here in the center of the penalty area. It seemed that the Brazilian missed the ball, but he still managed to pierce it past teammate Alison of Brazil.

A lot of this game came down to Trent versus Martinelli. At some point, it became boiling on their flank: strokes alternated with fouls. And it was from this flank that the second goal came. Gabriel was allowed to take the ball without resistance, go down the side and hang (no one blocked it even close). And surprisingly, in the penalty area, the 175-centimeter Jesus (no one covered him either) scored with his head. Already by the 28th minute, the score at Anfield was 0:2.

Arsenal has been excellent this season, but they need to dry up the game. For example, City sometimes does this at the expense of sterile possession. The guests continued to play their game, and Liverpool got their chance. Holding was cut off once, but Salah did not take advantage of the moment. But soon, he closed at the far post after a good combination of Liverpool.
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The game was so hot that the referee handed out yellow cards even during the break. It turned out to be a strange story. Immediately after the first half, Robertson went to talk about something with the side referee. He waved it off and probably hit the Scot, who grabbed his face and ran on to the referee (apparently with even more extraordinary claims).

Liverpool started strong in the second half. Salah had a few moments, but first, Ramsdale pulled out his shot, and then the Egyptian could not hit the target from the penalty spot. The ball went slightly to the left of the post.
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After this, Arsenal began to play more carefully and minimized the risk, although they did not refuse to press. In the middle of the second half, the game calmed down a bit, although, in the 81st minute, Liverpool missed an incredible moment. Nunez went one on one with the goalkeeper but did not score. Arsenal was somewhat lucky because the opponent did not use their chances. Realizing this, the guests sometimes played for time: Saka received a yellow card because he took a corner for a long time. And as a result, in vain.

In the 87th minute, Trent crossed from the flank, and at the far post, a header from Firmino, who is spending his last season with Liverpool, was completed. 2:2!!! This draw is unlikely to help Liverpool get into the top 4, but for Arsenal, such a result is a tragedy. The advantage over City was reduced to six points scored and, more importantly, to three points lost. On April 26, Arsenal met Guardiola's team on their field.

With equal points in the table, the leading indicator is the difference between goals scored and missed. Now she is better at City (+48) than at Arsenal (+43).