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Ancelotti: Real was lazy in the first half; it was the opposite after the break

Real Madrid's head coach, Carlo Ancelotti, commented after his team's hard-fought victory over Barcelona (2-1).

«The main factor was the difference in the team's attitude in the first and second halves. In the first half, we played slowly, lazily, and not very aggressively. In the second half, it was precisely the opposite.

Yes, sometimes you don't play the way you want. We could have been at our best. It happens. We should have remembered the first half. Fortunately, the second half unfolded differently, and we were able to win.

Luka Modric changed the game's dynamics when he came on as a substitute. We had more possession of the ball. Statistically, we took three points at a difficult stadium. We played a lot of away games. This was demanded by the schedule, but we handled it well. But the season is extended for all teams. Barcelona continues to be a great team. They fight until the end,» Carlo Ancelotti's words were reported by Marca.

It's worth noting that Real Madrid maintained their lead in La Liga thanks to their success in El Clásico. The gap between Madrid and Barcelona has increased to four points. Real Madrid is ahead of Girona based on goal difference.

Published by Patrick Jane