Age is Not a Barrier: Veterans Who Continue Their Careers

We talk about footballers of an honorable age.

In each season, a lot of attention is paid to young players, which is logical, since big achievements are expected from them. However, against the background of talented youth, they forget about veterans, many of whom are still performing at a fairly good level. Maybe they don't win as much as they used to, but they still help their teams. Next, we will consider the veterans who continue their careers.

Dante (Nice, 40 years old)

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Undoubtedly, Dante spent the best years of his career in Bavaria. In the composition of the Munich club, the Brazilian won everything: 3 championships, 2 German Cups, the German and European Super Cups, the Champions League, and the Club World Cup. In 2016, the footballer left Bayern with a clear conscience and moved to Nice, where he still performs to this day, and quite well. At 40, Dante is the main defender of the "eagles" and the captain of the team. He always starts and plays the full 90 minutes in the current season. The Brazilian has a good stock of strength left.

Pepe Reina (Villarreal, 41 years old)

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In his rich career, Reina played for many clubs. Now the 41-year-old goalkeeper remains in Villarreal, although he does not receive as much playing time as in the previous season. In the past La Liga season, the Spaniard played 22 times, and in the current one – not once. At the same time, he played all 6 matches of the Europa League group stage and appeared on the field three times in the framework of the Spanish Cup. Not bad stats for a goalkeeper at such a solid age. The player's contract with the "submarine" is calculated until the end of the season, but it would not be surprising if he extends the agreement or finds a new club.

Andres Iniesta (Emirates, 39 years old)

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Unlike some former teammates, Iniesta did not finish his career after many years at Barcelona. In the summer of 2018, the Spaniard moved to the Japanese Vissel Kobe, where he spent 5 seasons. All these years, the footballer received decent playing time, but last year he decided that it was time for a change. At the same time, Andres did not end his career but went further to travel the world. Now the 39-year-old midfielder plays for Emirates from the UAE, where he has already played 10 matches and scored 2 goals. Apparently, the restless Iniesta does not intend to end his career yet, delighting the audience with his play in exotic championships.

Pepe (Porto, 40 years old)

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Pepe spent the best years of his career at Real Madrid, winning the Champions League three times with the "cream." In the winter of 2019, the experienced defender returned to Porto, where he found a second youth. At 40, Pepe still wants to win and play in the Champions League. The footballer's hot temper has not disappeared with age, as he continues to receive red cards. In addition, Pepe even managed to play one match for the Portuguese national team in the European Championship qualifiers. This man's energy will last for more than one season.

Claudio Bravo (Betis, 40 years old)

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Bravo was not always the main goalkeeper in his teams, but nevertheless, he still continues his career. Moreover, it cannot be said that the Chilean does not get opportunities at all. Last season, he played 21 matches in all tournaments. In the current campaign, the 40-year-old goalkeeper took part in nine matches, which is also not bad. The player's contract with Betis is calculated until the end of the season. In the summer, Bravo may well sign a new agreement with the "verdiblancos" or even find another club, where he may become the main goalkeeper. The Chilean has rich experience, which may be useful to many teams.

Thiago Silva (Chelsea, 39 years old)

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It is difficult to play in the Premier League at any age, and at a solid age – even more so. But Silva copes. At 39, Thiago is the main defender of Chelsea, almost always spending 90 minutes on the field. The "blues" have a young team, so having an experienced player is an important fact, especially in defense, where the Londoners do not always play reliably. For the Brazilian, this is a good way to stay at a high level and play in the strongest league in the world even at a solid age. However, the competition for Silva is not so serious. At 39, he looks better than many young defenders of Chelsea.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nassr, 39 years old)

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Ronaldo cannot be excluded from such a rating, as he is the most popular "grandfather" in modern football. And his performances show that it is too early to write him off. The almost 40-year-old Portuguese became the top scorer of 2023, which is a great achievement. Al Nassr's forward surpassed such players as Erling Haaland, Harry Kane, and Kylian Mbappe. Of course, scoring in Saudi Arabia is not the same as scoring in European top leagues. But Ronaldo left hundreds of records there, which other attackers will not soon beat.

Published by Patrick Jane