PSG lost to Bayern in the first leg of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. Mbappe, who appeared on the field in the second half of the meeting, revived the game of the Galtier team. But Neymar in the match was remembered only by a skirmish with Pavard.

After the game, Kilian urged his teammates to take care of their health - sleep more and eat right. Neymar did the opposite.

The day after the defeat by Bayern, the Brazilian played in a poker tournament; for participation, it was necessary to pay 10 thousand euros.
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Neymar was quickly eliminated from the main tournament, but the evening of the PSG striker did not end there. After poker, at night, Neymar looked at McDonald's.
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The Brazilian's behavior pissed off PSG fans. Fans believe that Neymar acted unprofessionally and must now be punished.

Fans of the capital team share their emotions on social networks:

"This is bullshit; he should be punished!"

"This is a catastrophe. If he had at least scored or provided an assist in the match against Bayern, there would have been fewer complaints. What's on this guy's head? The club must respond accordingly."

"The problem is not that he played poker; the problem is that he did it at night. Healthy sleep is the basis of everything! But very soon, he will have to play with Lille, an important match, and Neymar will be sluggish. Terrible unprofessional."

"The dude doesn't care about the club. In the match against Bayern, he was already thinking about his poker tournament."

"I am angry. He was terrible in the Champions League match, Pavard drove him the whole game, and Neymar did nothing but hysteria. And one day later, he was already sitting at the poker table and eating burgers. Seriously? Is this how a professional behaves? The club must punish him; you can't get away with this."