The words that changed everything.
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On 26 February, Manchester United won their first trophy under Erik ten Hag, beating Newcastle in the League Cup final.

After that, the official Manchester United Twitter noted the achievement of the Dutchman, writing: "The era of Ten Hag has begun."
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Fans on social networks noticed that after that, the team's results in the Premier League began to decline sharply. See how United played in the Premier League after the landmark tweet.

-Liverpool, 0:7

-Southampton 0-0

-Newcastle, 0:2

Three matches, 2 losses, 0 wins, and 0 goals.

Manchester United has also beaten West Ham and Fulham in the FA Cup and beat Betis in the Europa League during that time, but fans are worried about the club's position in the Premier League. The fact is that after the defeat from Newcastle, the club was on the verge of relegation from the Champions League zone.

The tweet and the Manchester United game have little to do with each other, but it seems the club was rushed to announce a new era.