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Felix, of course, made his nuclear debut for Chelsea.

But his failures in the attack are more than understandable. This is the first game. Felix is a complex player with very different, conflicting qualities in places.

His red card is from returning. He wanted and overdid it.

Well, from a perspective, that's almost optimistic.

The season cannot be saved. Felix will do well with three rounds of disqualification to settle in. There is no doubt about his mood, and guilt is added to his motives - after all, he did not live up to expectations in the first game. And he tried so hard.

If Chelsea has a strategy, and Potter's name is synonymous with the plan, it's all a cost and nothing more.

But if there is no strategy...

That is actually Felix's trouble in the first place. Not a club. The club is a hundred years old. What will it be, Felix is a man, and he is mortal. He needs to play while he is young. And he is trying.