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The guy could not stand the defeat of his favorite team.

Arsenal beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 in the Premier League's central match of the 20th round. Mikel Arteta's team leads the Premier League and is already eight points clear of Manchester City. Immediately after the London derby's final whistle, the winners' goalkeeper was attacked by a supporter of the losers.

Ramsdale is an emotional goalkeeper. Sometimes the victories and defeats of Arsenal, he passes through himself too brightly: he gets angry because of failures and gushes after the triumph. Success in the game with a principal rival was no exception: after the final whistle, Aaron defiantly rejoiced at the three points earned in the derby; Tottenham fans were behind the keeper's goal.

But first, the Englishman quarreled with the opponent's representative, Richarlison. In the heat of the moment, the Brazilian pushed the goalkeeper away, and then the rest joined the conflict. But at that moment, when the players had not yet en masse surrounded Ramsdale, a fan attacked him: he climbed over the podium and jumped onto a billboard, from which he hit the keeper on the back or fifth point.

The footballer couldn't stand it and got into a fight, but the stewards quickly overpowered the fan. Ramsdale also had to be dragged away - by almost the entire composition of Arsenal. The Englishman was angry for a long time but still cooled down. And Tottenham has already made an official statement.

"We are shocked by the behavior of a fan who tried to attack Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale at the end of the match. There is no place for violence in any form in football. The club is looking into the incident with the police, Arsenal and Aaron Ramsdale to take the most drastic measures - including an immediate ban for the fan from the Tottenham stadium" - the club said in a statement.