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Screenshots of correspondence in the chat of the leadership of the Barcelona football club appeared on the Internet at the end of 2021 when Josep Maria Bartomeu was the team's president. The members of the board of the Catalans insulted the then blue garnet players: Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique, and Sergio Busquets.

«Bartomeu, you don't have to be nice to that cesspool rat. The club gave him everything, and he told us who to buy and sign; we had to look for sponsors for him. When renewing a contract with him, why should we do the same with the arrangements of Suarez and Alba? Or why should we pay Fati's contract renewal fee to his brother, Rodrigo Messi? He was a partner of a drug dealer, blackmailed us many times, and abused our kindness. Our club has suffered because of this hormonal dwarf who owes Barcelona his life!

When the pandemic hit, he sent us a message: "Press, lower the wages of others, but don't touch Luis and me." I hope this is the worst thing that could happen to us», - quotes former Barcelona board member Gomez Ponti Marca, referring to published screenshots from elPeriódico.com.

Ponti also calls Piqué a "son of a bitch", and Busquets and other Barcelona players are, in the eyes of a former member of the management, "spoiled and insensitive millionaires" who should leave the club.