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The main question is: what is more important - the World Cup or the Champions League?

In Paris, the award The Best was held, at which FIFA awards the best football players and female players of the year according to its version. Even before the start of the event, it became known that there would be no representatives of Real Madrid in the evening in protest, and the results were allegedly leaked a few days before the celebration. As it turned out later, it could be believed.

"Martinez wasn't even the best World Cup goalkeeper. Absolute joke"

One of the first awards was given to the best goalkeeper of 2022. They became the keeper of "Aston Villa" and the Argentine national team Emiliano Martinez. He was ahead of Thibaut Courtois and Yassin Bono in the fight for this prize.

Martinez is the 2022 world champion, who showed himself perfectly in Qatar. But on social media, some fans think otherwise.

"Martinez was not even the best goalkeeper in the World Cup, but he won the award for the best goalkeeper of the year, according to FIFA. An absolute mistake," the user @САС_Janty is indignant, citing statistics on which Dominik Livakovic became the best goalkeeper at the 2022 World Cup.

"According to FIFA, Amy Martinez is better than Thibaut Courtois!" - the @vini_ball fan gets angry, adding a video with the saves of the Belgian goalkeeper to his remark.

"Mbappe's face when Martinez was voted the best. We are all Mbappe," the fan @SuColegaaRM sneers, attaching this frame from the broadcast to the message.
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"It's a pity for Benzema, but winning the Champions League cannot be put higher than winning the World Cup"

With the title of the best player of the past year, Lionel Messi, everything is more straightforward: there is no mass dissatisfaction with the Argentinean's victory on social networks. Even fans of Cristiano Ronaldo admitted that the World Cup in Qatar was a success for the star Argentinean. Leo beat out Kylian Mbappe and Karim Benzema in his nomination. But there is still a tiny percentage of Messi's opponents.

"It's a pity for Benzema, but winning the Champions League cannot be put higher than winning the World Cup," user @Andy00fficial is sure.

"Giving the Player of the Year award to a guy for scoring four penalties and winning a seven-match tournament against players who have performed better and more consistently throughout the year is a new level of shamelessness. So I'm not surprised," user @Jknowsball writes.

"This time, Messi won the award only because FIFA gave it to him," the @cric_nerd2 fan came to this conclusion.

"Benzema only lost to Messi because Leo had six league goals, five rigged World Cup penalties, and a performance that wouldn't even make it into the top 20 in FIFA history," says @stoneBatxx.
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"She was robbed!"

Haight did not pass by the players either. The best in 2022 was the striker of Barcelona, Alexia Putellas. But not everyone except Alex Morgan or Beth Mead is happy that she won.

"Putellas missed half of the season and lost the Champions League final. And Beth Meade won the European Championship. She's been robbed!" – sure @Joessportcards
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Who received other awards?

Lionel Scaloni was recognized as the best coach (ahead of Ancelotti and Guardiola), who won the 2022 World Cup with the Argentina national team. The Fair Play prize was given to defender Luka Lochoshvili, who provided first aid to the opposite team player right on the field. The Puskas Award for the year's best goal was awarded to one-legged footballer Marcin Oleksi for a real kick with scissors. The football player has no left leg to the knee.

The FIFA 2022 Team of the Year includes Courtois, Canselou, van Dijk, Hakimi, Casemiro, Modric, De Bruyne, Messi, Mbappe, Haaland, and Benzema.