He behaved poorly.

The Argentina national team played another friendly match in Beijing. This time their opponents were the Australians, whom Scaloni's team defeated with a score of 2-0. Leo Messi scored the first goal, which became the fastest of his career - the ball went into the net after just one minute and nineteen seconds.

As is usually the case, there was a scramble among the players after the match to ask for the jersey of the seven-time Ballon d'Or winner.

The 20-year-old player from City, Alex Robertson, did everything possible to get the jersey of the newly signed Inter Miami player. Still, Messi initially did not react in any way, then turned towards him but pretended not to hear anything. The Australian tried again but in vain.

The guy decided not to tempt fate again and walked away. The story does not mention whether the jersey ended up with someone, but Messi's behavior can hardly be called graceful.