Cristiano framed the guy.

Since Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Saudi Arabia, the stands at Al Nassr matches have been steadily flooded with enthusiastic fans. The Portuguese star is attracting a lot of attention, and his team's Friday game against Al Taawoun was no exception.

The Riyadh club won a 2:1, and Ronaldo significantly contributed to this victory - he scored an assistant double.

However, now on social networks, they are discussing his skills and the episode that occurred before the match. During the warm-up, one fan wanted to meet his idol so much that he decided to run onto the pitch. Having found Cristiano, the guy rushed to him, shouting that he just wanted to hug the idol and take a picture with the best football player in the world.

The Portuguese striker raised his head and jumped to the side, seeing that a fan was rushing at him. The fan slipped and fell under the feet of Ronaldo, where the stewards caught him.

The guy was tied up while stretching his arms toward Cristiano, but the striker just stood there and watched as he was taken away.

It may be worth taking a stand.