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The goalkeeper promised - the goalkeeper did.

One of the highlights of the Champions League last week was a great save by Matthijs De Ligt against PSG. The Dutch defender of Bayern secured the goalkeeper Jan Sommer, who went out of the gate unsuccessfully and carried the ball off the goal line.

De Ligt did not let Paris open the scoring, and then the German champions calmly brought the matter to a 2-0 victory. After the match, Sommer was very grateful to the defender.

"Yes, I'm not particularly pleased with myself in this situation," Yang said in an interview. – De Ligt saved me; the whole game could have gone differently if it had flown. Just asking him for a drink wouldn't be enough. I'll bring a truckload of Swiss chocolate to his doorstep."

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The Swiss goalkeeper kept his word - a week later, a whole van loaded with 700 kg of chocolate from Kägi arrived in Munich. This is not precisely chocolate, but rather wafers in milk chocolate, but the fact remains that Sommer kept his promise.

True, it was not possible to personally hand over the waffles, which greatly upset the Kägi company.

"Ten minutes before arriving in Munich, the bad news arrived: a truckload of Swiss chocolate was not allowed to be officially handed over. After more than three hours of driving, the disappointment became unbearable," said Kägi spokeswoman Miu Nguyen.
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Instead, the Kägi gave the chocolate to the Münchner Tafel charity, a local food bank that helps the poor and vulnerable. Tafel promised to distribute 700 kg of chocolate between different branches and include it in packages with help.

"I didn't know anything about the history behind all this," said Steffen Horak from the charity. - They only knew that it was from Bayern. Chocolate will be in our diet this week, and I will ensure all 28 centers get some."

Nowhere is it explained why De Ligt could not personally accept the shipment of chocolate wafers. Probably, Bayern was simply afraid of bureaucratic problems with the design of such a batch of chocolate, so they preferred to send it to charity immediately.

And perhaps De Ligt himself took care of his health. Over the weekend, he laughed it off when asked about the chocolate truck:

"No, yet to be brought! We're in too good shape, so we shouldn't eat a lot of sweets."