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5 Things All Good Online Casinos Have in Common

Finding a good online casino can be tricky, even today. There are so many gaming outlets to choose from, each one with its own advantages and disadvantages. There are, in turn, quite a few things all of the good ones have in common, things that we’ve collected for you in this article.

A trustworthy license

A good online casino needs a good license. But what is a good license, you might ask? Well, regulators have different rules that apply to companies providing gambling services to their players. Some are tougher, requiring strong customer protection measures, responsible gambling policies, and anti-money-laundering ones. Others are more lax. The casinos licensed by these regulators are better to be avoided.

The most trustworthy companies that want to offer casino games online are running under a licenses issued by local authorities. The most respected regulators in the industry are those from the European Union, from the UK, and from Gibraltar - the casinos licensed there are, in general, considered the safest for the players.

A wide variety of payment options

A good online casino is proactive when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. If it provides its services in a certain jurisdiction, it will go the extra mile to offer its players familiar payment methods to use, preferably in their local currency.

If an online casino supports just a handful of generic payment methods - like debit cards, and a handful of e-wallets - it’s not a very good sign. In turn, if it supports many local payment methods, like OTT vouchers in South Africa or Worldpay in Germany, it’s probably a better one.

A large game library

Back in the day, online casinos had games from a single developer. Today, in turn, they have no excuse. There are iGaming platforms with thousands of games from dozens of game developers offering turnkey solutions to operators.

Casinos that still stick to a single game provider can be dubious, especially if they still have downloadable software. With a few exceptions, you should avoid them.

Pooled progressive jackpots

Pooled progressive jackpots are the casino games with the highest payout. Depending on the game, these payouts can range from a few tens of thousands to a few million euros, dollars, or whatever currency a casino uses.

Fishy online casinos tend to avoid these, giving players another indicator of their value.

A phone number for customer support

Finally, a good online casino has multiple means through which a player can contact them. Live chat and email are widely used in the industry for customer support. But people tend to have more confidence in operators that have at least a call centre and some alternative methods of contact, like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Good online casinos have these, perhaps even more.

What do all good casinos have in common?

All good online casinos go to great lengths to offer their players an excellent gambling experience. This covers everything from safety and security to a large selection of games, attractive jackpots, and methods of contact to be used in case things go wrong. Look for these signs when selecting an online casino.

Published by Patrick Jane