Football history is only complete by mentioning Cristiano Ronaldo's records and Leo Messi's records. The pair have been at the top of world football for 14 years, winning the most individual awards.

In January, Cristiano completed a move to Al Nasr after a successful career in Europe, having tarnished his reputation in his last year at Manchester United. During the game in Europe, the Portuguese set many records, many of which are still holding. We have collected 5 records that its main competitor may soon break.

Team goals

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Ronaldo scored a cosmic 118 goals for the Portuguese national team. Messi is the top scorer among the national teams of South America (98 goals), and Cristiano lacks a whole twenty.

Of course, this is a lot, but it is worth taking into account the scoring pace of the Argentinean in 2022: 18 goals in 14 matches.

Assists in the Champions League

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Despite accusations of Cristiano of excessive selfishness, he assisted partners 42 times. Leo is very close - he has 40, and the task looks even easier if you remember who he is playing with.

Champions League goals

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The Champions League is Cristiano's favorite tournament, so it's not surprising that the Portuguese scored an incredible 141 goals. Leo is close (129) but in the universe of these two. The difference between Messi and Ronaldo is 12 goals; many forwards have never scored so many in the Champions League in their careers.

It is worth recalling that only two historical players scored more than a hundred in the Champions League.

Goals in European club football

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Think about that number: 701 balls at the club level in Europe. Of these, 5 for Sporting, 145 for Manchester United, 450 for Real Madrid, and 101 for Juve.

And here Messi is very close: 696 goals - 24 for PSG and 672 for Barça.

Goals in the top 5 leagues

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Cristiano has played in three major leagues, scoring 495 goals. Of these, 311 in La Liga, 103 in the Premier League, and 81 in Serie A.

Mesi has 489 goals: 475 in La Liga and 14 in Ligue 1. He will likely be the first to jump to the 500 mark.